drama_bomb (kittywonderland) wrote in wantlist,

I wish...

Name: Lauren
Location: Scotland
Birthday: January 23
Likes: 50s pin up girls, reading, writing, kids cartoons, Hello Kitty, anything Japanese, Tim Burton, fake hair, PVC, shoes.

1. Penpals
2. Cute Japanese accessories and stuff.
3. Anything pink and girly, like Hello Kitty, My Little Pony etc.
4. Pretty dollies of any kind that I can put in my room.
5. Anything with pandas on it, LOL I love pandas!

Contact me via: email: laurencam@gmail.com
Anything else?? Thank you for reading. xxx
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March 15 2010, 05:09:34 UTC 6 years ago

check out jemtastic she has a couple kawaii/hello kitty things up in her sales journal(the one linked).