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A community with a simple goal: To display the things we'd like to have, and let others in on their coolness. And possibly drop hints to friends and strangers to buy such things for us. Uniting poor, cheap, and greedy wishlisting fools alike.

Play nicely.
Pictures are allowed and encouraged. If your connection can't handle a page of images, you might want to keep us off your basic Friend's List.
More than one image, or especially huge images, get their own lj-cut.
Read the LJ FAQ. It will make posting and using LiveJournal much easier for all involved.

Find a product you want. Really, desperately want. Get a photo of it. Shove it into an entry, and post the entry here.
If at all possible, host the image on your own server. (Or try a service like Photobucket.com.)
Link to the product. (This lets other people 'oo' and 'ah' over the details, and theoretically increases the chances of someone being able to find it and buy it for you.)
If what you want is of an adult nature, put it under an lj-cut with good warning.
If you are a minor or easily offended, heed such warnings.